10 March 2015 Meeting

Squadron 84,

Here are the details for this week’s meeting:

-Date/Time: 10 March 2015 from 1800-2000

-Location: Squadron HQ (Bldg 1850)

-Uniform: Battle Dress Uniform (Sleeves Down)

-Other Required Items: Water

-Agenda: Safety Refresher / Aerospace Education
Upcoming Events – See Squadron Calendar for full details

-The next 30 days…

AV SAR Training: 14 March 2015 from 1200-1500 at William J. Fox Airfield Terminal in Lancaster

17 March 2015 Meeting: Character Development

Los Angeles County Air Show: 20-22 March 2015 at 
William J. Fox Airfield in Lancaster

-Deadline to register is 11 March! Register at http://goo.gl/forms/Qeyk8xxb1q

24 March 2015 Meeting: Physical Testing

31 March 2015: Squadron Open House

7 April 2015 Meeting: Emergency Services

-Longer Term Planning…

Group 3 Basic Cadet School: 10-12 April 2015 at March ARB

Plane Crazy Saturday Experimental Fly-In (“The Big One”): 18 April 2015 at Mojave Air and Space Port

Encampment Cadre Selection Exercise: 15-17 May 2015 at Camp San Luis Obispo

Cadre Pre-Encampment: 28-30 June 2015 at Camp San Luis Obispo

California Wing Encampment: 1-8 July 2015 at Camp San Luis Obispo

Ultimate Bear and Wings Challenge: 14-16 August 2015 at Vandenberg AFB


Kevin Finster, Capt, CAP
Deputy Commander for Cadets
Edwards AFB Composite Squadron 84